Student of the Month


Allison Hornung

Thank you so much for choosing me as dancer of the month. It is very exciting and I am very honored! 
I love dance because it allows me to express myself and show who I am all while having so much fun. Dancing also gives me a great challenge to try and practice new things and it encourages me to work hard everyday. Dancing is my passion because I have such a great time when I am dancing and it helps boost my confidence and strength. Dancing also allows me to feel free and it takes away all of my worries. L&L dance studio is a great studio and every time I am dancing there I feel like I can express who I truly am and it makes me feel at home. I am also very grateful to say that they have amazing teachers who are all so kind and very helpful and they help me achieve to my very best ability. I have learned so much this past year from L&L and I can’t wait to learn so much more!