L & L Dance Studio Interview with Kara Meier

Interview by BDanceWear.com

L & L Dance Studio in Grand Blanc, Michigan, is described as more than a dance studio – it is a place where dancers can connect with their artistic ability while perfecting their technique.  The atmosphere is like one big family and everyone is welcome!

Kara Meier, their Artistic Director, tells us they are a Christian based dance studio.  That does not mean everyone that attends is a Christian but it does mean that they try to make sure to teach their students not just dance but values and morals. Their environment is family friendly and clean choreography and music. Their costuming is always conservative and music choices appropriate.

Kara has had many “proudest” moments. She loves to see her dancers excel not just in dance but in life. There are so many times she has cried just watching a dancer take the stage knowing the obstacles they have overcome.

She thinks the biggest mistake dancers make is taking out the artistic element and just throwing tricks around.  Dance is an art form and Kara thinks sometimes they forget that.

Kara’s goals for this year are to grow their dancers’ technique and to expand their dancers thinking with a new program they partnered with called CLI Studios.  They have had one class so far and it has been amazing for the growth of her dancers.

 After seeing her mentor, Claudia Newman, run her studio with such grace and love, she knew it was something she wanted to do, too! Claudia is an amazing woman with a passion for life and dance.

This is L & L Dance Studio’s tenth year and they have grown so much the last 10 years.  Their studio is one of the largest in the area and I know it is because they have absolutely amazing teachers and wonderful families.  God is good!

If you would like more information about L & L Dance Studio, visit their website at www.LLDanceStudio.com, email them at lldancestudio@yahoo.com or call them at 810-962-2433.

Anyone who has danced at L & L Dance is invited to comment on their blog.

. . . the biggest mistake dancers make is taking out the artistic element and just throwing tricks around.